“Respect” for Parents Too?

Homosexual Advocacy Group Brings Gender Confusion Into Elementary Schools

GLSEN-elementarytoolkitGLSEN—the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network—has developed a “toolkit” for elementary teachers called “Ready, Set, Respect!”

Problem is, the toolkit doesn’t seem to advocate much “respect” for parents who don’t want schools promoting things like same-sex marriage and cross-dressing to children against their will.

Here is a sampling of some of the things the GLSEN toolkit encourages teachers to do:

  • Utilize “teachable moments” by incorporating GLSEN materials on “gender, diverse families,” etc., into classroom activities. For instance, “Write math problems with contexts that include a variety of family structures and gender-expressions. For example, ‘Rosa and her dads were at the store and wanted to buy three boxes of pasta…’ ”

Note to parents: This example illustrates two key points: 1) It reveals the code words sexual advocacy groups are using to circumvent parents. If your child’s school starts teaching programs about “different family structures,” “family diversity” or “gender expressions,” that’s definitely a red flag that you should start asking questions about what’s happening in the classroom. 2) It illustrates the Orwellian nature of these groups’ efforts. Their strategy is to incorporate subtle indoctrination into every subject area for kids as young as kindergarten—whether it’s through math problems or history lessons. This makes it more difficult for parents to stay on top of what their kids are being taught about sexuality.

Other things the toolkit encourages teachers to do include:

  • Eliminate terminology that acknowledges the differences between male and female or reflects an understanding that man-woman marriage and heterosexuality are the cultural norm. “A hetero-normative viewpoint is one that expresses heterosexuality as a given instead of being one of many possibilities. … The assumption (reinforced by imagery and practice) that a boy will grow up and marry a woman is based on such a viewpoint,” the toolkit tells teachers.
  • It also instructs teachers to stop grouping children into boys’ and girls’ teams–and even to “monitor” children’s free time and recess activities to ensure they don’t voluntarily do this themselves.
  • Furthermore, the toolkit encourages teachers to “invite students,” as young as kindergarten, “to draw pictures of favorite … storybook characters and dress them in clothes that are different … from what they would typically wear.” Examples might include “Cinderella in a knight’s armor” or “Spiderman wearing a magic tiara.”
  • GLSEN also wants teachers to use storybooks that familiarize very young children with the idea of same-sex marriage or cross-dressing. Suggested books include Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, a book featuring two male guinea pigs who get married, and 10,000 Dresses, about a boy who wears dresses.10,000dressesimage

It’s worth mentioning that the material includes some things we can all agree with—like protecting children against bullying and stopping name-calling. However, where this “toolkit” crosses the line is an Orwellian type of brainwashing that redefines the very meaning of “family,” “gender,” what it means to be a boy or a girl, and familiarize children with transgender behaviors—whether parents like it or not.

At Focus on the Family, we believe there is an inherent dignity, value and equality in the two sexes created in God’s image—He created them male and female—and that each brings important and unique qualities to sexuality and relationships. And schools should give equal respect to parents who want the freedom to raise their children with that Biblically-based understanding of sexuality. (For more information read, “God’s Design for Sexuality” and “Why Male and Female Matter.”)

So what’s a parent to do? First of all, stay alert and be aware of the code words used by sexual advocacy groups to get this type of teaching into schools. If you see these terms appearing in curricula and school programs, start asking questions. Second, be proactive by educating yourself through the stgtruetoleran.wpengine.com website—and then sending the information via the site’s Take Action center to your school officials.