Express Your Viewpoint

We know from social science research that children are still developing both physically and emotionally during the middle and high school years. That means a significant percentage of kids experience sexual confusion during this crucial time period.

So clearly, schools shouldn’t be opening their doors to messages that push vulnerable children into prematurely embracing a sexual identity based on the demands of adult-driven, special interest groups.

It is contradictory, and even irresponsible, for those claiming to promote the health and well-being of kids to encourage sexual experimentation at an early age. It is well-documented that the earlier the age of sexual activity, the greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and experiencing emotional harm, both of which can have lifelong consequences.

And the truth is—as taxpaying parents and community citizens—you have more of a stake in what happens in your schools than outside advocacy groups. Your concerns, and your voice, deserve equal respect.

So equip yourself to speak out by reviewing the key facts and talking points in the “What You Can Say” section (see box in upper right hand corner). Then “Take Action” by giving your school officials information that counters the unbalanced information they’re currently getting from advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).