Protecting Parental Rights

You may teach your children a biblically based point of view at home—but when they go to school they may encounter something drastically different or even opposed to what they’re learning from you and their spiritual leaders at church. So what’s a parent to do? You might feel like other parents have similar concerns, but they seem silent—and you feel alone and isolated.

Those feelings are not unusual.  It’s common for parents to feel powerless when they encounter controversial subjects being introduced by a well-funded school district or politically powerful advocacy groups.

It seems like almost every other day there’s another story on Fox News or CNN about sexually explicit teaching or homosexuality instruction being mandated for children as young as kindergarten—many times against their parents’ will. We’re often seeing these lessons being promoted in the name of “tolerance” or “safe school lessons,” which is extremely misleading and makes it hard for parents to know how to respond or learn what’s really being taught.

But the good news you are not alone. And you’re definitely not powerless. That’s why we’ve created this Web site—to put the best tools in your hands, including information from top legal experts, that equip you and give you the confidence you need to exercise and protect your God-given parental rights.

In the boxes on the right-hand side of this page, you’ll find many resources, such as the “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” that provide tips for interacting with the public school system and articulating your viewpoint.

Most importantly,  in the “What Parents Can Do” box, you’ll find a practical way to strengthen your parental rights in public schools through a model bill/policy that has been carefully crafted by national legal experts. Through our take action center, you can share the policy directly with your local school officials and elected representatives. Make your voice heard today!